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Sera & Plasmas

Blood products Whole Blood Human whole blood from standard blood donations including all physiologically occurring blood components such as cells, proteins and other components. Other

Tissues & Specialities

Human tissue serves as a starting material for the extraction of various proteins. Freshly frozen tissue is essential for biomarker research and the successful development

Controls, Pools & Standards

Controls in.vent  quality controls, pools and standards are manufactured to the highest quality requirements and solve questions of precision and accuracy throughout the value chain

Trade Shows


in.vent Study Site: Fresh Blood Service & Control Cohorts
Oestrogen & Thyroid Collectives
Normal Human Serum & Plasma

Our sponsors and partners


We will be represented at the following trade fairs:  MedLab Middle East 2020, CACLP 2020, analytica 2020 and Medica 2020, which are supported by the European Regional Development Fund.