Controls, Pools & Standards


in.vent  quality controls, pools and standards are manufactured to the highest quality requirements and solve questions of precision and accuracy throughout the value chain of in vitro diagnostic assays and measurements.

in.vent quality controls are used for internal and external quality control (e.g. for ring tests) and meet the highest standards of medical laboratories. Our control samples are based on real patient samples and are largely made from native human material.

All Quality Controls are infectologically negatively certified with CE-certified test systems.

We produce a variety of standardised and customer-specific controls with and without CE marking.

  • PSA/fPSA CE Control -2 Levels
  • APS Control – 1 Level        
  • Procalcitonin (PCT) Control – 4 levels
  • Calprotectin Control – 2 Levels
  • Diabetes Type I Control – 2 Levels

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in.vent produces standardised and customer-specific pools made of normal human material and according to specific indications. Our pools are suitable for the production of quality controls, calibrators and controls in the field of in-vitro diagnostics.

Standard Products

Standardised products from in.vent are regularly available with short delivery times according to our high quality standards and ethical principles produced.

We offer the following standard panels for you:

  • Pregnancy Panel
    • 10 samples per trimester
  • Gerontology Panel

Samples from donors over 65 years:

  • 10 samples from healthy donors
  • 10 samples from donors with high blood
  • 10 samples from donors with rheumatism
  • Interference Panel
  • Diabetes Panel
    • 10 samples with Diabetes Type I
    • 10 samples with Diabetes Type II
  • Rheumatism panel
    • 10 samples diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Obesity panel
    • 4 Samples from donors with BMI >30
    • 4 Samples from donors with BMI >35
    • 2 Samples from donors with BMI >40

We also provide clinical collectives from native patient samples:

Multi-Matrix Collective (Healthy Donors, Various Matrices)

Diagnostic collectives with different parameters (each 100 samples, different parameters), e.g.

Parameter-related collectives (100 samples, 1 parameter), e.g.
Estrogen (Men, Folliculary, Luteal, Postmeno, Pregnant I-III Trimester)

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