Enhanced Biobanking

The prerequisite for successful product development in diagnostics is the availability of defined patient samples with reliable clinical data and the highest quality. Enhanced biobanking also takes into account aspects of pre-analysis, differences in type of donations and processing systems and thus enables tailor-made solutions according to individual customer and project requirements. Variations according to:

  • quality and number of samples
  • diagnosis-specific biobanks
  • cross-diagnosis collections
  • clinically defined
  • parameter-dependent and/or by medication
  • Materials: serum, plasma, human tissue, faeces and more
  • multiethnically controlled
  • age- and gender-specific sorted

IVD Development
vent offers the entire range of solid and liquid phase IVD for human, animal and therapy-accompanying diagnostics.

  • Luminescence Assay
  • Lateral Flow

Assay Development of new Biomarkers for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Purposes (Companion Diagnostics)

For more information click on: IVD Development

Storage and delivery
in.vent offers competent and reliable services in the field of full service storage and logistics for human biomaterials and all kinds of IVD kits. Storage is possible in the following temperature ranges from room temperature to storage in liquid nitrogen:

+2 to +8 °C
-25 to -15 °C
-82 to -78 °C

Liquid nitrogen

The standard storage of the samples is -15 °C.